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Il Suono Rosso

Prague, 1999. Despite days and days of uninterrupted study, Daniel, a young cellist at the beginning of a brilliant concert career, cannot find a way out of the inexplicable crisis that overwhelms him making him unable to play. He will find a master in Aron Feuerlicht, an old musician with a famous past, but disappeared from the international scene after surviving the Shoah playing in the orchestras of Terezín and Auschwitz. Under the guidance of Feuerlicht, who transmits to him his immense musical knowledge together with the memory of the devastating experience lived in the Lager, Daniel discovers a new way of being not only a musician, but a man. And he finally finds the courage to live his first love story. Alternating entertaining insight into the world of music and contemporary opera with dramatic re-enactments of the war period, the novel evokes the fate of musicians in concentration camps, explores the secrets of musical interpretation and addresses the theme of the passage of memory between generations.

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Letters of the Mozart family

The letters of father and son recount the extraordinary encounter between the country of belcanto and the blossoming genius of the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Introductive video to Pelleas und Melisande of Schoenberg

Created in collaboration with Alberica Archinto under the supervision of Claudio Abbado, this video introduces us to Schoenberg's Pelleas und Melisande through images by symbolist painters of the time and a graphic illustration of the various musical themes.

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